"In creative flow I truly am with the UNIVERSE" Jana Vizdal

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I have not been back 
for twenty-five years.
I am descending slowly 
down the stairs.
The train is leaving……
with my friends;
my knees are shaking……
it never ends.
Will they come and take me, 
I wonder-here?
As I watch a young man 
sipping his beer.
I start walking slowly……
down the platform;
waiting for that 
strange dark storm.
But than I come to my senses, 
and think of the light which
has been with me always-
bright and white.
If I stand up straight and 
go through that gate,
the light will protect me, 
even if it’s late.
To find my brother-
(I don’t know if he lives.)
the life that takes and gives.
To meet my friends today or tomorrow, 
my waiting ends.
When I found my brother, and my friends too,
they didn’t know what to do;
I have changed not;
but they have a lot.
Astonished with this find;
all so imbedded in my mind.
This land is no longer mine;
now for another I hold the line.
Canada is my Homeland.