"In creative flow I truly am with the UNIVERSE" Jana Vizdal
The excitement builds – all candidates have
boundaries broken,
the favourites tilt on
unsteady stilts.
All have had time on a platform-stand.
Just how far, how, can you bend?

Each attacks the other-
That is not the way;
Let us turn round and look the other way.

‘Pick the weakest party,
please give them a chance’;
with mocking tongue the strong ones say-
only to sway votes at the end of the day.
From the shove and the party,
you know they are feeling,
despite all that one party might win.

Best to give your vote to
the smallest of small.
Down here as I watch, waiting at the polls
Scrutineer I am called, as I watch the voting
All the votes to be counted at the end of the day.
One observes.

Old people coming at the end of their day;
standing in line-
even a lady of hundred and nine!
Of young people, only a few
dropping in slowly like the evening dew.
Many young haven’t bothered to come here
they didn’t believe in what had been said;
in any way.

Is there some confusion
with twelve parties on the ballot this bright
fall day?;
What does it mean to have such a choice?
Only confusion which creates confusion-
is that by chance, what it all
really means?
Some just shake their heads;
others keep a straight face.
Let us hope the country wins its own race.
But a race to where?
The end of another political game.
Let’s not play games!
Try making a difference,
by being real and caring-
That is my preference.